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About Us

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We are here for God, for one another and for our city.  Living Word Church is a group of followers of Jesus, who are committed to loving God, loving one another and sharing God’s love with our city. 



Living Word Church is part of Ministries without Borders, a family of churches and ministries that work in apostolic teams around the world.  If you would like to know more about Ministries without borders, please follow this link below


We also link with OneVoice. This is a group of church leaders who meet every week to pray for God’s Kingdom to come in the city of York. This group has seen several city-wide initiatives birthed both in evangelism and helping the poor.

Our Values

Community and Family

The church is the family of God.  We believe that church members are committed to each other and will help support and encourage one another.


It is important for us to spend time together for encouragement and strengthening.  We believe that this fellowship helps us all to stay strong and continue to walk as believers.


As Christians we are called to live as followers of Jesus every day.  We are committed to helping every member grow in their walk with God and become increasingly fruitful for Jesus.


Christians are called to share the good news about Jesus to the world around them.  We take seriously the commission of Jesus for us to go into all the world to make disciples.  We aim to see each member of the church to live their life on this Kingdom Mission.


We are committed to the truth of God’s word and living it out in our lives.  We make sure that there is excellent and practical teaching for us

THE Holy Spirit

We are described in the new testament as the house of God, where God dwells by his spirit.  Everyone is encouraged to walking in step with the Holy Spirit, and to produce the fruit and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In our gathered times we expect to encounter God’s presence together.


We live to bring glory to God.  When we gather together we expect this attitude and our thankfulness to overflow in songs and prayers.  This forms a significant part of our corporate times where we encounter God’s presence.

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